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Get Back into Tax Compliance – 3 Steps for Success

Get Back into Tax Compliance – 3 Steps for Success

Get Back into Tax Compliance – 3 Steps for Success

If you are struggling to get back into tax compliance, you are not alone! Many people don’t know how to get back into the IRS’ good graces. The myth is that it’s complicated, hard, and takes too long.

We are here to debunk this myth! Here are three steps you can take today to get back into tax compliance.



1) File delinquent tax returns.

When you owe the IRS, it a priority to file all previous and current tax returns. We can’t stress this enough! The reason for back filing your past tax returns is because the IRS won’t offer you a payment plan. Often times, the IRS won’t accept an installment agreement until you file delinquent tax returns. We also have an in depth look into filing back taxes.

Keep in mind that if you don’t file your tax returns, the IRS will often file the returns on your behalf but without the credits and deductions that you may qualify for.

2) Set up a payment arrangement.

Once you file your past tax returns, you’ll have a payment plan option. This is a great way to chip away on the amount owed!

A payment arrangement can come in many forms and often depends on your individual circumstances. Having a payment arrangement is a must to avoid further collection action as well. With the ability to garnish your wages and levy your bank account as just a few of their options, you can see why setting up an agreement is in your best interest.

3) File future tax returns and pay all future balances on time.

It is important to file future tax returns on time and pay all future balances in a timely manner. Not doing so could void any payment arrangements previously made. It’s time to show off your new and improved routine, and stick to the payment plan you offered. IRS loves consistency, and they will notice.

So there it is! Our 3-step plan to get back in tax compliance. Talk to your certified tax preparer about any of these steps today!

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