Tax Relief

What is Tax Relief?

Tax Relief is any program that reduces the amount of tax, penalties or interest owed by a person or business. It can come in the form of but is not limited to tax debt settlements that can significantly lower the original balanced owed, Partial Pay Installment Agreements that reduces the minimum monthly payments required by the IRS, and Penalty Abatements that can waive those nasty fees that were tacked onto your tax bill.

What is Tax Relief options are available?

Although the IRS always prefers that you find a way to pay your taxes in full, circumstances can sometimes prevent that from happening. If you find yourself in this predicament, the IRS does have options available to help you resolve your tax debt. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to request a payment plan, an offer in compromise, a temporary delay of collection, or an extension of time to pay.

Settle Tax Debt With an ‘Offer in Compromise’

An Offer in Compromise (OIC) may be your best option if you cannot pay your full tax liability, or if paying the full amount would cause you financial hardship. With an OIC, a qualified taxpayer can submit an offer to the IRS and request to settle their tax debt for less than the total amount due. But keep in mind, the OIC program is not for everyone and it comes with strict eligibility requirements.

Do you qualify for Tax Relief?

Since there are various forms of Tax Relief and each has its own set of requirements, it can be hard to tell if you qualify. It can cost you time and money to find out if, for example, you qualify for an Offer In Compromise. Tax Help Center can provide you with a Free Evaluation that will help you narrow down your options, let you know how much will it cost you and how long will your resolution take.

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