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Professional Tax Preparation

Our experienced, Licensed Tax Preparers take dozens of continuing education classes per year so you can be confident that Tax Help Center will prepare your Income Tax Returns accurately while maximizing your tax credits and deductions.

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Audit Assistance

Delivering premium quality Income Tax Return Audit Assistance is one of our highest priorities and, for a limited time, it is included with every Tax Return that we prepare.

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Bookkeeping & Payroll

Extensive paperwork can get in the way of important business decisions. If you are looking to free up your time and focus more on your business, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Tax Debt Settlements

Struggling to pay your tax bill? You may be eligible to settle your tax bill for less than the original amount owed. We are the experts in Tax Debt Problems in Lawrenceville serving Georgia and clients nationwide.

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Tax Debt Relief

Tax relief help can mean different things to different people. The right tax relief program for you will depend on many different factors. We will determine the right option for you and help you through the process step by step. Do you have Tax Debt Problems in Lawrenceville? Visit us. We also help help clients nationwide.

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Unfiled Tax Return Preparation

If you haven’t filed your income tax returns or if the IRS filed them on your behalf, these delinquent taxes can cost you time and money. We can prepare and file your back tax returns and check IRS Substitute for Returns for accuracy.

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The Ultimate Tax Preparation Checklist for 2017

The IRS created a tax preparation checklist for 2017. Our tax experts at Tax Help Center approve the list! Whether you have are having a certified tax preparer complete your forms or you are completing tax forms yourself, we recommend that you review the checklist and make sure you are prepared before April 18th. You

Get Back into Tax Compliance – 3 Steps for Success

Get Back into Tax Compliance – 3 Steps for Success If you are struggling to get back into tax compliance, you are not alone! Many people don’t know how to get back into the IRS’ good graces. The myth is that it’s complicated, hard, and takes too long. We are here to debunk this myth!

Independent Contractor Tax Tips

Independent Contractor Tax Tips Working with independent contractors is one of our specialties. Tax Help Center works with independent contractors throughout the year to minimize their tax liabilities and get them, then keep them in compliance. Here are a few tax tips for those of you who are independent contractors. As usual, feel free to give


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